A mission to test America—every person, every week.

Return to in-person work or school with the confidence gained through frequent testing. In-person interactions place many individuals at rispotential exposure. Empower your work or campus community with an easy testing solution that takes only minutes.

Medivolve is committed to providing a diverse range of clinical diagnositics services to patients and is a leading provider of digital health solutions for patients, employers, and schools.

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Zero Cost to Employers and Schools

Our services are billed through private insurance carriers or respective government reimbursement programs.

Fast, Easy and Safe for Patients

PCR pooling takes only minutes. Our approach is fast, painless, and trackable to deliver meaningful results.

We are developing next-generation biotechnologies to deliver personalized clinical diagnostics services. Our first in class digital health platform is designed to improve patient care and enable greater access to improve patient care.
How it works

Empower your community at work or school with the confidence of frequent COVID-19 testing

1. Create a business account

Connect your busines, invite your employees to join, then order COVID testing inventory.

2. Employees sign up and submit samples

Your team members sign up for COVID testing. Overnight shipping labels are provided for registered samples.

3. Testing and tracking

Samples are processed at our CLIA certified partner labs. Results are delivered automatically to you and your staff. Billing is facilited through private insurance carriers or respective government programs.


COVID-19 testing made easy

Our system helps organizations monitor and manage compliance with HIPAA standards, and can create an online portal for patients to help Americans return to work or school.

  • Pooled PCR Testing Services
  • Rapid Antigen
  • Rapid Antibody IgG/IgM

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